The tour package Kota Kinabalu

Why should you choose the tour package Kota Kinabalu of K&J Car Rental?

Choosing the Tour package Kota Kinabalu of the most trusted and experienced company, such as K&J Car Rental, will not only make your trip more affordable. It will also enable you to make your tour in and around the city more comfortable and safer. This will not only allow you to enjoy your journey but it will also make your tour a memorable one.

When you choose K&J Car Rental for your Kota Kinabalu tour, it will not only make you feel at ease. It will also enable you to save much of your hard-earned money and effort. This is for the reason that at our car rental company, we are committed to offering the best tour packages as well as the latest model cars to our customers.

Booking a tour package as well as cars with K&J Car Rental is really a breeze. This is because we always answer our entire incoming calls by devoted personnel, and not through answering machines.

The prices of our tour packages as well as our service conditions are unmistakably explained. When we acknowledge a reservation, there will always be a car assured on time. You will be professionally driven in our cars with luggage support, friendly chauffeurs, tour familiar guide, as well as with a well- mannered service.
As an approved and trustworthy car rental company in Kota Kinabalu, K&J Car Rental is pleased to arrange for any luxury moving necessity you may have. In addition to providing our customers with a professional and affordable car rental service, we will always:

  • Individually answer your phone calls by enthusiastic staff throughout the day
  • Inform you about our services and rates well in advance of your booking
  • Take correct information regarding your booking
  • Promise prompt arrival of our cars

Above all, we will provide our executive car rental service with the knowledgeable, expert chauffeurs in a sparkling, well-maintained vehicle.

At K&J Car Rental, we are dedicated to offering a variety of Kota Kinabalu tour packages that will meet the budget as well as the traveling needs of every tourist. We offer different transportation services through our stylish and luxurious Perodua and Toyota cars according to the needs of our clientele. Some of the events to which we offer our tour packages as well as car rental services include:

Kundasang trip

  • Desa cattle
  • marakau fish
  • rabbit farm
  • upside down house Kinabalu Parks

Island hopping

  • Manukan island
  • Sapi island
  • Mamutik island

K.K City

  • Floating mosque
  • Kokol heaven hills
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Cabana retreat
  • Tanjung Aru Beach

Finally, you can book your favorite model cars online by filling out the order form featured on our home
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